be Sasara Relaxation Day Spa

In addition to the relaxing natural hot spring baths, we offer rejuvenative spa treatments for health and skin care at the be Sasara Relaxation Day Spa.

Treatments available:

Facial Waterfall Spa with Carbonated Sparkling Spring Water

facial-springwater-treatmentOur unique facial cleansing regimen using sparkling spring water that gently cascades over your face is effective in preventing dark spots, wrinkles, sagging skin and dirty pores. It gently cleanses the skin while infusing your skin with healthy nutrients present in the carbonated spring water.

This is a very relaxing and rejuvenating procedure that is highly recommended for skin health!
15 Minute treatment

V-Steam treatment

mugwort-vsteam-chairsThis unique treatment for women has been practiced in Korea for centuries. Mugwort Wormwood and other herbal ingredients are steamed in a pot below a chair with a hole in the bottom.  The patient sits on the chair wearing a cloak that allows the steam to rise up throughout the body.  The steam is believed to help stimulate production of feminine hormones, aid in regulating menstrual cycles, improve circulation, correct digestive disorders, while detoxifying and burning body fat!
30 minute treatment

Carbonated Spring Water and Bath Soak

We offer a special bath which starts with a carbonated spring water shower just slightly above your body temperature.  You then soak in the tub for 15 minutes.   This treatment increases circulation, invigorates the body, and softens the skin!
60 minute treatment

be Sasara Cafe

In addition to treatments we also offer organic herbal teas while at the day spa.



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