Questions & Answers

How do I make a reservation?
Please visit Agoda to make a reservation – Click Here

How do I get there?
Please check our map and access page – Click Here

What’s an Onsen?
Onsen refers to Natural Hot Spring Waters and Baths that are souced from natural underground springs and heated by volcanic geothermal activity.  The Akebono Onsen Ryokan offers traditional Japanese style rooms along with gourmet Japanese dining and natural indoor and outdoor hot springs for relaxation and rejuvenation.

What’s a Ryokan?
A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese style in with tatami ‘straw” mats, futon bedding, and Japanese style interiors.  There is an emphasis on Japanese style service “omotenashi”.  The employees will do their best to make sure you have an enjoyable and relaxing stay.  But modern conveniences like Flat Screen TV’s and automatic Bidet Toilet are included. The Ryokan experience usually consists of staying at a Japanese Style Inn with Natural Hot-spring Baths and enjoying gourmet local cuisine.

How do I use the Onsen Hot Spring?
Please check this blog post and video for more information – Click Here

Can I wear a swimsuit in the Onsen?
No.  Please check this blog post and video for more information – Click Here

When can I use the Onsen Baths?
The hot springs are open 24 hours except for a half hour of cleaning during the day.
The sauna is open from 6 am to 9am and then from 3pm to 9pm.

Is dinner brought to my room?
No, we have a dining room called Charaku-tei on the first floor.  Please visit the dining room during your allotted time for dinner.

Note – while eating dinner, employees will enter your room to setup your futon beds for the evening.

Also, please note that if you have a dinner inclusive reservation, you will need to arrive before the kitchen closes at 7pm.

What type of breakfast do you offer?
Our breakfast selections include egg dishes, vegetable dishes, juices, various beverages, along with Koshihikari premium local rice.  Items available may change according to seasonal availability.

Where do I eat breakfast?
The dining room Charaku-tei is used to serve breakfast.

What amenities are included?
Yukata robe, hand towel, bath towel, toothbrush, hair brush are included. Shower cap is available upon request.

Is there a parking lot?
Yes, free parking is available in our lot for guests staying at our Hotel Ryokan

When is check in and checkout time?
Check in is after 3 pm and checkup is up to 10am.

Do you have Free Wifi?
Yes in the lobby area only.