Akebono Hotel Location & Access

entrance-viewAkebono Hot Spring Onsen Ryokan Hotel
552-4 Tsukioka Onsen,
Shibata-city, Shibata, Niigata, Japan 959-2338

Tel 0254-32-2111

The map below shows the location of the Akebono hotel and how to access by train from Tokyo Station to Toyasaka Station.  Input your own starting point for a customized map. Be sure to choose the train as your mode of transportation.

Tokyo station to Toyasaka Station in Niigata

Pay per use shuttles are available from Toyasaka and Tsukioka Station and drop off at Tsukioka Shinyu which is within walking distance to the Akebono hotel.

Recommended option  Toyasaka Station
Tokyo Station —>Niigata Station
Niigata Station —>Toyosaka Station
Take pay per use shuttle or bus to Tsukioka Shinyu stop and walk to the Hotel New Akebono. Cost is approximately 300Yen

Toyasaka Station to Hotel New Akebono

The pay per use shuttle from the Toyosaka station to Tsukioka Shinyu departs at
10:15am 2:30pm 3:35pm 4:50pm and 5:45pm

Secondary  Option Tsukioka Train Station
Tokyo Station —> Niigata Station
Niigata Station —>Niitsu Station
Niitsu Station —>Tsukioka Station
Board free or paid shuttle bus from Tsukioka Station to Tsukioka Shinyu bus stop and walk to Hotel New Akebono. *Note – free shuttle to Akebono must be reserved ahead of time by calling 0254-32-2111.

The pay per use shuttle from Tsukioka Station to Tsukioka Shinyu departs at
9:30am 11:00am and 15:00pm