Akebono Hot Springs / Onsen

An important part of the “Ryokan” Japanese Inn experience is to relax and rejuvenate in the indoor and outdoor “Onsen” natural hot-springs.

Indoor Natural Hot Spring Soaking Bath

The Akebono Natural Hot Springs Onsen features pristine water from the famous Tsukioka Onsen.  The waters are believed to have various therapeutic properties for health and beauty.

Guests have 24 hour access to the indoor and outdoor open air hot springs baths except for a 30 minute period for cleaning. The sauna is open from 6am to 9am and 3pm to 11pm.


Indoor and Outdoor Onsen Natural Hotspring Baths at the Akebono Onsen Ryokan

How to enjoy Japanese style Onsen Hot Springs

It may be intimidating for first timers to try an onsen hot spring bath, but don’t worry, just follow a few rules and you should be have an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Here are some tips to make your first time experience more enjoyable.

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1. You need to get fully naked – swimsuits or towels touching the water aren’t allowed for various hygienic reasons.  Male and Female bathing and onsen sections are totally separated.  You can take a towel with you into the onsen area, but you should keep the towel out of the onsen baths. Many people rinse a towel with cold water and place on top of their heads.

2. You sit and wash yourself using soap and shampoo at the cleaning station and rinse yourself off before going in any of the baths.



A common way to enjoy the Akebono Hotel Onsen Ryokan:

Arrive after 3pm, take a dip in the onsen for an hour or so.
Explore the local sights and arrive back around 6pm
Go to the dining room to have dinner.
Then take another soak in the onsen before bed.  Be sure to leave some time between dinner and your night time soak.
Take another soak in the morning before breakfast and depart.
Then explore more of the local sights or travel to your next destination in Japan.